Kathstan College follows the curricula of the Gauteng Department of Education. Kathstan is registered with the G.D.E. and is fully accredited with Umalusi. The emphasis of our curriculum is on developing thinking skills and strategies rather than on the rote learning of content material.

Included in the curriculum are aspects related to manners, morality, self-esteem, life values, perseverance, loyalty, the ability to work in a team and to communicate effectively with others.

All activities are tested against educational goals aimed at deepening the understanding of the pupils and the development of their characters. Each human being must retain his/her uniqueness. The unique qualities of people in a society must be identified and in this way be unfolded, because that is the most important force of civilization which causes growth and development.

The emphasis is on producing an educated person who can learn and adapt effectively throughout life to an environment that is ceaselessly changing.

Why Kathstan has elected to offer the Gauteng Department of Education’s curriculum (G.D.E)

Despite being one of the first schools in Gauteng to offer the Cambridge curriculum, and after weighing up the pros and cons of both the Cambridge and the Independent Examination Board (IEB) curriculum, our decision was to revert to the Gauteng Department of Education National Senior Certificate as the final Grade 12 examination. The GDE curriculum and final external examination is best suited to South African children, allowing students to achieve optimally and therefore to succeed in their tertiary studies.



All pupils, unless exempted by a medical certificate, are required to take part in games and physical training. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. An inter-house and inter-school athletics meeting and galas are held annually and matches with other schools are arranged regularly in the various sports offered.



A religious ethos is maintained throughout the school with the emphasis on character formation based on Christian values. All pupils receive such instruction and are expected to attend daily prayers. Parents of the Primary School are invited to attend a special assembly, and service held once a month, together with their children and the staff.



Two fully equipped Information Technology Centres, Media Centre comprising a host of books, Sports Field, Assessment Unit & Remediation, Tuck shop, Aftercare & Homework Class facilities.


Psychometric Testing

In Grade 9, pupils undertake psychometric testing, organised within the school, to help determine subject choice for high school and to give direction for future careers. The results of this testing are relayed to pupils individually.