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There is nothing of more lasting worth that parents can give their child than a good education. There is no period of a child’s education that is as important as the early formative years. During these years children establish patterns of thought and behaviour. They learn the moral and spiritual values which will affect them for better or for worse throughout their lives.


Kathstan College is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education as a mainstream school, offering the CAPS curriculum of the GDE. Kathstan College enjoys full accreditation by Umalusi. We limit our class sizes throughout the entire school. Should a child face challenges in the classroom situation, support will be provided, either in the class or in a small group, or if necessary, on a one-to-one basis by a qualified Support Teacher. We also have Speech and Language therapists and Occupational therapists, who practice at the school during the mornings, but who bill separately. Should your child be a straight “A” student, or a child who battles with education, Kathstan College is the right choice, as our teachers work on each child’s strengths as well as their weaknesses, taking every student further.


Kathstan College was established in 1988. The founders have achieved their goal of establishing a school which accommodates children of average to above average intelligence and provides specifically for their individual needs.

Our objective at Kathstan College is to accompany the child on his/her way to adulthood, instilling Christian values and a sense of worth. Where it is necessary, an effective and highly qualified team provides support.


Kathstan College is situated on 8 hectares of beautiful gardens, wooded areas and grassland and overlooks a natural wetland, haven for a plethora of birds, bullfrogs, insects and plant life. This creates a feeling of spaciousness and natural tranquility which is the dominant mood of the school. The ideal of space is echoed in the daily school life of the pupils – space in which to grow, to explore and to expand, safe in a caring environment in which there are few obstacles to achieving their potential. It is our belief that this feeling of oneness with the environment assists in pupils finding fulfillment and happiness, and facilitates the development of good character and a positive outlook on life.


It is essential that the school uniform be held in high esteem at all times. Full school uniform must be worn at all times. School uniforms are worn to all school functions, unless specific instructions to the contrary have been given by the Principal.
(A detailed list of the required uniform is available from the School Secretary)


Morning supervision starts at 07:30 daily and all students not collected within 15 minutes after the end of their school day, will be sent to a supervised area. All cost thereof will be for charged to your school account. (Registers are kept)


Your first channel of communication would be through your child’s homework diary, in the form of a note to your teacher. Your teacher will always read, respond or react to it, as necessary. If you feel that you need to speak to the teacher, please make an appointment to do so either with the teacher or through the office. The office telephone number is 011 967 1004 or, if unavailable, use the school cell number: 083 290 2542. Should you wish to make an appointment to discuss something with either our Principal, please do so through Reception on

We are very pleased to have the School Communicator as our primary form of communication at Kathstan College – an innovative and exciting way of communicating with parents. The School Communicator keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening at the school. It updates automatically, and brings you all the latest news and calendar events. It also contains a photo gallery, contact list and a range of useful links and documents. In order for us to improve our communication with you we encourage you to install the School Communicator on both your computer and mobile phone.

Getting started
Installing the School Communicator is dead simple. Download the installer from the School Communicator website: While downloading click “save” and thereafter “run”. You can install the School Communicator on as many computers as you like. You can also install the d6 School Communicator on your mobile phone. There are specific apps available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android. All you need to do is visit our School Communicator website: from your mobile phone browser and download the app.