The first few days and weeks of school can be rough. We all have to get back into going to sleep earlier, waking up earlier, doing homework and studying for tests. Once we get back into our school routine, it soon becomes the norm.

One of the may great things about coming back to school is seeing all your friends at school and it’s always wonderful to see and spend time with them everyday.

During the first few weeks you get introduced to the new teachers who will be teaching you and you might, hopefully, make new friends with the new learners. Every grade experiences something new and have changes from their previous grade. The new grade 1 students are now part of the primary school. The grade 4 students start to write exams. The grade 7 students are now part of the high school and the grade 12 students are at the top of the school. We all experience changes when going to a new grade. Change is a part of life.

Kathstan makes it easier to get back into school because the school provides a homely feeling. You feel welcome and wanted. The first couple of weeks are rough, but without all the friendliness that Kathstan offers, it would be much harder.

We will all get through the first few weeks. All we have to do is work hard and carry on working hard because this is just the beginning.

by Sheldon Kuhn